Proof of Christmas favor: Hundreds of criminals released early

              Sunday, December 22, 2019

              Before the festivities, the federal states released more than 1,000 prisoners back to freedom early. The reasons are very different. Only one federal state only grants exit.
              Hundreds of criminals across Germany were released early before Christmas. At least 1200 prisoners have been released since November, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (FAS) reported, citing information from the Justice Ministries of the federal states. Some federal states therefore expressly justified the release with Christmas. The Ministry of Justice in Saarland, where nine prisoners were released, spoke of a "humanitarian act". Countries such as Lower Saxony (59 releases), Thuringia (9), Schleswig-Holstein (14), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (16) and Hamburg (35) also referred to Christmas. In Brandenburg, where 43 prisoners were released, the measure, according to the ministry, served to relieve the judicial officials over the holidays, and the Berlin Senate Department for Justice also gave practical reasons. The clemency "has less to do with Christmas, but rather with the fact that advice centers are often very busy at the end of the year". Finding work or an apartment is also more difficult. Prisoners had it easier because of the early release. According to "FAS", 522 prisoners were released in NRW. Accordingly, "several hundred" prisoners were released in Baden-Württemberg. In Bavaria, however, there was no mercy. There, however, 368 prisoners are supposed to get a vacation or holiday over Christmas or New Year, and releases have been a tradition in many federal states for years. However, only prisoners whose detention would have ended in December or early January are released early. Good leadership is also required.

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