Hotel pool accident at Christmas: Drowned could not swim

              Friday December 27, 2019

              Investigators still don't know how the tragic event happened on Christmas Eve: A father and two of his children drowned in a hotel pool in Spain before the mother's eyes. There is now a new clue from investigative circles.
              According to initial investigations, the three members of a British family who drowned in a Spanish hotel pool were unable to swim. This had given a surviving family member on record, said on Thursday from investigative circles. A 52-year-old British family man, his nine-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son had drowned in the pool of a holiday complex in Mijas near Malaga on Christmas Eve, "They could not swim," a source from investigative sources quoted a sister of the two dead children. A police spokesman had previously reported that the nine-year-old girl had trouble bathing in the pool on Christmas Eve, after which his brother and father jumped into the water to save her. They were in trouble themselves and could not get out of the pool. The mother had desperately called for help, it was said. Hotel employees hurried over and the casualties were pulled out of the water. Resuscitation measures were unsuccessful, said the management of Club la Costa. As the regional newspaper "Sur" reported on Thursday, citing the authorities, the swimming cap of the nine-year-old was found in the intake manifold. A hotel employee who jumped into the water to help the needy guests also said he had trouble getting back out of the pool, the paper said. Forensic doctors autopsied the bodies of the three victims on Thursday. Investigators examined the pool's filter system to determine whether the girl who was in need first could be sucked in by the cleaning pump. The swimming pool was opened for use again on Thursday. The operator Costa World said via Facebook that the Guardia Civil had approved this. The officials had not found anything that spoke against the operation of the swimming pool and the security measures in the holiday complex.

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