No housing, no perspective: number of homeless people is rising

              Monday, November 11, 2019

              Fewer social housing and a declining supply of affordable housing: these are just two reasons why the number of people without housing has risen to almost 680,000, about eight percent of which are estimated to be children.
              According to an estimate last year, the number of people without a home in Germany rose by just over four percent to 678,000. Of these, about 41,000 people lived on the streets in 2018 without any accommodation. "Compared to the previous year 2017, this means an increase in the total number of years by 4.2 percent," said the managing director of the German Association for homelessness assistance, Werena Rosenke, the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe.Dabei the number of homeless people without a refugee background has increased less – plus 1.2 percent – as those of homeless recognized refugees with plus 5.9 percent. According to the association, the number of homeless children and adolescents was eight percent of the total number of homeless people. The main reason for the growing number of homeless people was the insufficient supply of affordable housing, the shrinking social housing stock and the consolidation of poverty.

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